Are we giving our students the right information to help them study abroad?

16/03/13 by

Studies and statistics[1] often suggest that UK students are more inward looking than their European counterparts, and that our numbers for outward mobility are much lower than the rest of the continent. A recent study by the British Council of over 10,000 students in the UK and US explores the reasons for this comparative lack [...]

New evidence of the demand for languages in the labour market

20/02/13 by

With National Careers Week approaching, many organisations are preparing events and activities to promote careers guidance and job opportunities. For those who are preparing a talk or an event related to languages, a newly published report from the British Academy can provide them with fresh evidence of the career benefits of speaking or learning a [...]

Exciting new guide for student entrepreneurs out now

22/11/12 by

Last night I was lucky to attend the launch of the Higher Education Academy’s new guide for students who are learning a language or studying abroad, and who might want to start their own business. Authored by Lizzie Fane, founder of the innovative and hugely successful, the Languages and Entrepreneurship report is exactly the [...]

Auf Wiedersehn Pet

22/06/12 by

In the 1980s, this country witnessed high levels of unemployment, particularly in certain areas of the country. The North East, where I come from, suffered hugely and many were forced to migrate south or overseas to find work to feed their family. Those who had a trade were able to find more opportunities, but it [...]

The good, the bad and the ugly

22/03/12 by

The latest Language Trends research has now been published by CfBT and was launched last night at the House of Lords. This valuable annual research contains mixed news for language learning in schools. The ‘good’ is that more schools now have pupils learning a language in Year 10. In 2011/12, 51% of maintained schools have 50% [...]

Worthless qualifications, or worthless measures?

01/02/12 by

Yesterday’s announcement on the exclusion of the majority of vocational qualifications from performance tables made a big splash in the press. Examples of ‘easy-to-achieve’ qualifications leapt upon by university-educated journalists included a BTEC in fish husbandry and a Diploma in horse care. No mention of the fact that employers may value these qualifications or, that [...]

Turning a negative into a positive

15/01/12 by

So Michael Gove wants to make it easier to sack bad teachers. At first glance, this is an excellent idea that any sensible person would support. But when I start to delve into the definition of bad teachers, I start to worry. Whatever your views on unions, or employment law, everyone can agree it’s imperative [...]

Inspiring language learners of the future

15/12/11 by

Last night I attended the launch of a report published by the Education and Employers Taskforce on the economic case for language learning and the role of employer engagement [1]. The report, endorsed by ASCL, Business for New Europe and CfBT Education Trust, contains compelling evidence on the importance of languages as a skill for [...]

Gove’s primary colours

04/10/11 by

So Michael Gove has nailed his colours to the mast and suggested at this week’s Conservative Party conference that foreign languages should be taught to children from age 5 (The Guardian, Sept 30). “There is a slam-dunk case for extending foreign language teaching to children aged five.” This announcement has generated a great deal of [...]


30/09/11 by

Welcome to the Arqueros blog. I hope you will join us for the latest news on education and business, and the relationship between the two. These are challenging times for education and business, with coalition government policies and the global recession presenting a range of issues for individuals and organisations. From primary school to Higher [...]